Wednesday, September 04, 2013


OK, so this is news. Whole Foods moves into Chicago's Englewood. A big win for the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, when he is under pressure from local journalist Fran Spielman for promising more than he has delivered.

Food stores

Whole hoods 

 Sep 4th 2013, 0:27 by N.L. | CHICAGO

CHICAGO's Englewood neigbourhood is perhaps best known for its poverty and violence. It has one of the highest murder rates in America, twice that of New York. In this part of town, 40% are unemployed, the average income is $11,993 (Chicago's is $27,149) and 30% do not even have a high school diploma. It is also overwhelmingly black.

One local says that it is easier to buy a gun or drugs here than food. Many shop at the bargain basement Save A Lot, a shop that prides itself on recipes that allow a family of four to be fed for under $5. But come 2016, residents will also be able to shop at a Whole Foods market, the company announced on September 4th. This is an up-market, posh, food retailer that sells a small box of crackers for $9 and which even the well-off describe as "whole paycheck" market. [More...]