Saturday, February 09, 2013

Guns and crime in Chicago

Murder rates

Feeling the heat

Gun control is getting increasingly political in the Windy City

Feb 9th 2013 | CHICAGO |From the print edition

“IT IS easier to buy a gun or drugs here than food,” says Marcenia Richards, the executive director of the Peace Coalition Against Violence. Her group, part of the church of Saint Sabina, is trying to halt the tide of murder that is ravaging what is left of the community of Englewood, a rundown district of Chicago. Outside her church is a wall with the names of almost 100 children and young adults. A sign says: “We are not forgotten.”

Killings like these are now less likely to be ignored, in large part because of the revulsion caused by the killing of 20 children at a Connecticut school in December. The death of a Chicago teenager, Hadiya Pendleton, who had recently performed in Barack Obama’s inauguration parade, got much attention. So did the agony of Shirley Chambers, who lost the last of her four children to gun violence in January. [More...]

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