Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sugru hack of the century?

My iphone gets pretty heavy use as a journalist and had developed a small single crack--just from being dropped so regularly. Then last week the baby turned a minor problem into a total disaster. Without any warning he hurled the entire phone onto the concrete floor of Whole Foods Market. 
Duct tape (gaffa tape) worked well to hold it together for a few days, but then I hit upon the solution!

If you have never heard of the 'hack things better' compound Sugru then you need to know about this absolutely awesome stuff. (Particularly if you have children who break things like headphones and dinosaurs. All of which can be fixed with a blob of sugru.) The purple sugru was mixed with three mini packs (blue, red, white). It happened to be what I had in the house, rather than a desire for this shade of lilac. The textured surface was created with a paper towel and a leather iphone case.