Friday, June 08, 2012

The jet propelled Republican

This is my piece from Wisconsin. Just to be clear, what I mean at the end of the piece is that a torrent of out-of-state money fuelling a toxic and spiteful atmosphere is not what democracy should look like--but possibly an omen for later this year.

One of the comments objects to the term 'pushy' to describe Scott Walker. I thought long and hard about a fair and accurate way to describe him in one word.

He was voted in on a conservative agenda to transform Wisconsin. Throughout the campaign he described himself as a man who likes to "do" things rather than talk about them. I don't actually think the description 'pushy' is pejorative. It can be, but in the way it is used here means forceful, or aggressively ambitious. I rather imagine that many politicians might consider this a compliment.

Wisconsin’s recall election

The jet-propelled Republican

Jun 6th 2012, 18:34 by N.L. | CHICAGO

IF HISTORY is written by the winners, this was the night for the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, to add his name on the ledger. Yesterday Mr Walker faced a recall election to drive him out of office—only the third attempted recall of a governor in America’s history. This was prompted by statewide outrage when, last year, the pushy Republican brought in a law curbing the collective-bargaining rights of public-sector workers. [More...]