Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheesed off

Credit: Gonzo fan2007/Wikimedia
My piece in this week's Economist covers the increasingly bitter dispute in Wisconsin over the future of the governor Scott Walker. The piece went to press prior to the release of revised (but unverified) job numbers

I thought one of the more interesting parts of the interview with Governor Walker was where he suggests that when he is re-elected there will be an appetite for overhauling the recall laws in Wisconsin.  Even though Wisconsinites are pretty cheesed off with the whole recall process, such a change would be pretty controversial.

 Wisconsin’s recall vote

Cheesed off 

The state is embroiled in a bitter dispute over its governor’s fate

May 19th 2012 | MADISON | from the print edition

SOME call it a civil war. Others say that the debate over the future of Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, is now so rancorous that neighbours, families, and co-workers are refusing to discuss the subject. The only thing that everyone agrees on in Wisconsin is that they will be glad when the recall election is over on June 5th. [More...]