Saturday, March 10, 2012

No end in sight

Minor contribution to this lead in the US section.

There was something for all the contestants to hang on to on Super Tuesday. But Mitt Romney still looks like the eventual winner 

Mar 10th 2012 | ATLANTA, WASHINGTON, DC, AND YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO | from the print edition

“WE’RE counting up the delegates for the convention, and it looks good,” declared Mitt Romney on March 6th—“Super Tuesday”—the biggest single day in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. And so, up to a point, it did: Mr Romney, the front-runner, won six of the ten states holding primaries or caucuses, including a narrow victory in Ohio, the most fiercely contested. He performed just as well in terms of delegates to the Republican convention in August, where the nominee is formally selected, securing over half of those on offer. He now has well over twice as many delegates as his closest rival, Rick Santorum, and is over a third of the way towards the 1,144 needed to prevail. And yet it was still a lacklustre night, in many ways, for the presumed but unloved nominee. [More...]

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