Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whizzing around on an electric bike...

Since Friday, I've been testing out the A2B electric bicycle in London which was recently launched in this country. Its been a real joy to test out and everyone who has had a go with it has loved it. I managed to cycle 11 miles home from SW London to Wood Green without really breaking into a sweat. It took me about the same time it would take to commute on the train, but I reckon I could shave some time off if I discovered a few short cuts.

There is a thrilling sense of freedom being given a bike that you don't have to pedal. Hills are no sweat. Overtaking a bus, not an issue. A flick of the throttle and you are zipping quietly away at 15mph.

Cycling through the city on this little number certainly attracts a lot of attention. Everyone wants to know more. It isn't a bike and it isn't a scooter. When I returned to where it was parked in South Kensington the other day a crowd of people were admiring it. One of them wanted to take my photograph.

I've written a little piece on electric bikes for green.view, found here. I'm pretty taken with the whole idea though, and sad to say the bike is going home on Thursday.