Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ocean blues on the Chagos Islands

I picked up a big scoop at the end of last week on plans to turn the Chagos Islands into a giant marine reserve, which was published on our website on Monday. Our PR people tipped off the Telegraph and the Independent in exchange for a mention of You can see the results below.

The Economist story is here:

Green.view: Ocean blues
A new conservation plan for the Chagos Islands
Feb 9th 2009 Web only

Other outlets:

The Daily Telegraph – ‘Turn disputed Chagos Islands into marine reserve, say conservationists
William Marsden, chairman of the Chagos Conservation Trust, told that the 250,000 square mile reserve would be "in the big league". He said: "It is going to be compatible with defence and do something for the Chagossians".

The Independent– ‘Giant marine park plan for Chagos
A Foreign Office spokesman told that the Government "welcomes and encourages recognition of the global environmental importance of the British Indian Ocean Territory", adding that it would "work with the international environmental and scientific community to develop further the preservation of the unique environment".

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