Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mysterious titan and other stories

A little article on Titan that discusses the mysterious white moving blob. Nobody knows what it is but in a sequence of images from the lander, there is a pale object that appears to move across the camera's field of vision. Is it real, or just a statistical anomaly to do with the way the sequence of pictures were stitched together? Possibly. But we are not talking aliens. The latest speculation is that it is a snowflake.

Space exploration: Moon river? Jan 20th 2005 (subscription required)

And this article upset quite a few people. Some people are convinced it is supporting Summers for making his remarks, and others that I am attacking him. For the record, while I think the idea of whether women think differently from men is an interesting subject, and might even be worth considering in the context of why so few women are making it in science, what I thought of him raising the issue and the manner in which he did it is summed up in the title that I gave to the piece.

Sex and academia: Birdbrained Jan 20th 2005 (subscription required)

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