Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Horses in sneakers

This week’s issue of The Economist contains a fun little item I picked up from the ongoing science exhibition at London’s Royal Society. It is about what this season’s fashionably shod horse is wearing. It talks a bit about the natural balance shoe which is a sort of Birkenstock for horses (at Manolo Blahnik prices).

Unfortunately, the best thing about the piece is not its written content but the picture we found to go with it--of a horse in sneakers. The Economist item this week is subscription only, but you can find bizarre pictures of horses in sneakers here.

It is the website of the Guidehorse Foundation of America. Yes, really. They train miniature horses as guide animals for the blind. The photo pages are full of strange pictures of horses: wearing sneakers down the mall, in the shower, and having a snooze under the duvet of a bed.

On the hoof
Jul 8th 2004
New designs are being trotted out for horseshoes. Square toes are in
IF TIRED and aching feet are ever a problem for you, imagine how bad things could get with four feet to look after instead of just two. Read on… (Subscription required)