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Battle of the sexes - The tussle for women’s votes is a defining feature of the election race, The Economist, Sept 15th 2012.

Boffins wanted--Scientists are already helping to shape the Obama campaign, The Economist, Feb 11th 2012.

Arms and the man--Despite legislative victories, the NRA is under pressure. The Economist, Apr 21st 2012


The disposable academic--Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time, The Economist, Dec 16th 2010 (I think this article still may be the all-time biggest hit from our website.)

Charting a better course - How charter schools raise standards for vulnerable children. The Economist, June 7th, 2012

The college-cost calamity--Many American universities are in financial trouble, The Economist Aug 4th 2012.

Less than it used to be -- American universities represent declining value for money to their students. The Economist Dec 1st 2012.

Education election briefing 2012 -- Everything to play for, October 6th 2012. 


Big Mother is watching, Intelligent Life, Winter 2008

Sustainable sushi: there's a catch, Intelligent Life, Summer 2009

Skeptical shopper: Sustainable Fashion, Intelligent Life, Winter 2010


The bare truth--Why are humans nearly hairless? And why do some wish to become more so?
The Economist, Dec 18th 2003 

A waste of space?, Prospect, October 2008

I get a kick out of you--Scientists are finding that, after all, love really is down to a chemical addiction between people. The Economist print edition, Feb 12th 2004 

And then there were three--Of five shuttles built, only three remain. Where next for the shuttle, and for the future of manned spaceflight? Feb 6th 2003

Environment and Conservation

Born to be wild - Buffalo are coming back to the American prairie, The Economist, Mar 17th 2012 (One of my favourite stories to write.)

Collected early articles on marine biology, fisheries & fishing

Cover stories

The promise of a blue revolution--How aquaculture might meet most of the world's demand for fish without ruining the environment The Economist, Aug 7th 2003.